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Strasbourg in 12 hours

10 am - Breakfast

The café “Christian” (10 Rue Mercière) has not only the best buns and pastries in the city, but also offer a very good cuisine. Here you can have your Alsatian breakfast. Try a traditional Kugelhopf, which can be sweet, with nuts and raisins, or salty, with bacon and onions.

11 am - Cathedral

“Christian Café” is literally a few meters from the Cathedral Square, so after breakfast, it makes sense to go straight there. Strasbourg Cathedral - one of the most impressive churches in France, not even spoiled by the absence of a second tower. It was carrying the title of the tallest building in the world from 1625 to 1874. From the roof offers a great view of the center.

11.45 am - Museum of Alsace

There are many good museums in Strasbourg that will help the tourist in bad weather. The most charming is the Alsace Museum, which is located very close to the Cathedral Square (23 Quai Saint-Nicolas, entrance 6 €). The building of the XVII century is a typical Strasbourg house.

1 pm - Lunch

For lunch, we suggest “Au Pont du Corbeau » (21 Quai Saint-Nicolas, lunch 15–30 €). On the menu - all the Alsatian classics: Choucroute, Calf head, Presskopf, Bibeleskaes (fresh cheese with potatoes). If you want something lighter and more original, return to the island and walk along Grand'rue to number 55. “Flamme & Co” restaurant offers creative versions of traditional Flammekueche (tarte flambée), and you can replace the bacon and onion by foie gras, chicken curry, and even scallops.

2:30 pm - Batorama boat

Glazed-top boats start from the pier at Rohan Palace (1 Rue de Rohan) approximately every 30 minutes. Choose the route "Strasbourg: 20 centuries and history" (9.20€) - and in an hour and a half, you will go around the Big Island, Little France, and the European district.

4:30 pm - Shopping

The streets around the Cathedral Square — Rue des Juifs, Rue des Frères, Rue des Orfèvres, Rue de l’Outre, and others — have been a trading hub for centuries. So many shops are concentrated in a small space that you can easily spend half a day here. Be sure to check out the “Maison Lorho” cheese shop (3 Rue des Orfèvres) and the traditional “Frick-Lutzs’” way of cooking (16 Rue des Orfèvres).

8 pm - Dinner

We advise you a gastronomic restaurant “Buerehiesel” (4 Parc de l’Orangerie, +33 388 455 665), one of Michelin star holders in the city. The chef offers a lightweight and sophisticated version of Alsatian cuisine, costing 68€ or € 90 for a menu without drinks.

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