Success Story: Katya Kovtunovich

She is different from all fashion designers that you could meet in UAE. First of all, because of her incredible curiosity towards the world and her unstoppable imagination. Yet, she learned to revive the heritage and reinvented the past through unique and astonishing creations using the traditional Bedouin fabrics and ornaments.

Building her fashion empire in Dubai, was not the destiny she or her family would expect. But the signs were already there. Katya’s grandmother used to work with fabrics and it had incredible influence on a little Russian girl from an island of Sakhalin. The childhood experience was so strong that Katya started sewing at the age of 7 creating an impressive collection for her favorite Barbie doll. Then she relocates her passion into creations for herself. And that was her first success. People were stopping Katya in the streets; friends were complementing the outfits and encouraging becoming professional fashion designer.

She continued her studies at Saint Petersburg University of Linguistics where she learned 5 languages. Yet, very useful in conquering the world, she had to turn into a self-made businesswoman and entrepreneur, mentor and motivation-speaker. It came with the beginning of her career as an intern at British Vogue followed by a job of a journalist for L’Officiel Russia, Elle and Vogue Russia. The new professional opening offered Katya a possibility to travel the world, assisting the Fashion Weeks, writing reviews and interviewing the most renowned designers and creators of our times. Once become a known Fashion Expert, she felt right to launch her own line of clothes.

What makes her work unique, it is her perpetuate search for inspirations through the culture and traditions of her new home country. The Emirates offer an incredible chance to travel time within its heritage events. Once, a meeting with an old Emirati Bedouin lady has changed everything for young designer. The woman used to work with traditional Sadu fabric known for its bright red pattern used in fabrication of majelises. We can easily recognize it, but we would never expect to see it used in clothes and fashion. Katya saw the opportunity to integrate the past into her creations and to give it a second life.

Her caftans and coats, made out of Sadu, as well as abbayas and beach clothes, feature the details of hand-made broderie. Surprising, the interest among the foreigners outside of the UAE is tremendous. Katya doesn’t create simple fashion; she is also popularizing the Emirati culture abroad.

As result, today, such stars and celebrities as Lady Gaga, Vanessa Hudgens, Freida Pinto, Veronica Bocelli, royalties and prima ballerinas of Mariinsky Theater in Russia, admire her creations. She sells in boutiques of Saint Barth and Ibiza, local Dubai stores and online. She has produces signature collections for Bloomingdales Dubai, created uniforms for Sephora Middle East and represented the UAE at the World Expo Milano.

The secret of her success is passion, which is guiding a young artist, her constant search for the inspiration from the past and the choice of Dubai as her brand address.