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A walk through Paris with Sasha Kashtan

Tiny, stylish and sophisticated, Sasha has begun her career in the world of fashion from her first experience with Dior and Tiffanies. Paris has always been her territory, the place where the taste to high-standard fashion was formed, and a place of big opportunities.

We met with Sasha to ask her more about her way to experience Paris and her current career in the fashion industry.

Sasha, how do you spend your time in Paris?

I love antiquity and those small boutiques offering such treasures, where I can spend quality time and find some rare objects. I also find some vintage clothes such as jackets and dresses, which are impossible to find at the proper stores anymore. I remember that vintage dress of the 70s by Yves Saint. Sometime after my discovery, a friend working at the brand has recognized it. Paris hides a few addresses like that, most of them are located in the Marais area and Hotel de Ville. But you should spend some time looking for these rare items. It is all about hunting and having a lot of inspiration. France is a very well-known destination for vintage shopping.

As a general shopping destination, I can advise Le Bon Marche. This is a real Parisian shopping address, as there are a lot of small brands and exclusivities, and definitely not that many people as you would see at the Galleries Lafayette. The luxury brands are also presented, but the cosy atmosphere makes it much more pleasant as experience. Some international brands showcase their capsule collections, developed exclusively for Le Bon Marche. For example, last year Frederic Malle was presenting his new perfume Music for a While, and I remember that the world premiere was there. It is such a pleasure when you have this feeling of exclusivity. Many French people love shopping there because of those exceptional conditions and the selection of brands.

As for the perfumes, I advise to visit Rue du Roi de Sicile in Marais area, and its small shop Sens Unique, their specialization is perfumery that you would never find anywhere else. If you are looking for a special fragrance, so everyone would be asking you where did you get it from, then you should visit the place. I remember my first perfume purchased there called Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d'Orange. A very interesting scent, people were asking me what was that perfume. It helps you to be unique and stand out. The area of Montmartre also hides some incredible boutiques addresses open even on Sundays. There are a few vintage clothes. It reminds me of Ali Baba cave with very interesting for ridiculous prices.

What about your gourmet shopping?

I love sweets! Five years ago I would advise you Pierre Herméfor his exclusive truffle macarons. Simply because I adore truffles. But now I prefer more refined sweets. I would advise you Aki Boulangeron the rue Saint-Anne in Paris, in the 8th district, which makes delicious Matcha Eclair and Millefeuilles. It has exceptional taste. Not that much sugaredand perfumed. There is also a selection of pastries and the green tea tiramisu and ice-cream. It’s a very busy place but worth it! If we talk about the traditional French pastries, pass by Aux Merveilleux chez Fred. They are making the delicious meringue, praline whipped cream coated with almond chips, caramelized hazelnuts, white chocolate or coffee. It is so pleasant and heavenly tasty. I highly recommend it!

What do you love in terms of food?

I am crazy about truffles and Paris has a lot of specialized restaurants. Because I live close to the Champs de Mars, I love organizing pick-nicks with friends. When the weather is good, I go to the La Grande Epicerieof Bon Marche and buy some cheeses. My favourite one is the Brie with truffles. That is a real Parisian lifestyle, when French people are enjoying outdoors and those moments of pure gastronomic pleasure.

There is a new concept in Paris called “bistronomic”. It is a mix of bistro service and fine-dining experience. Usually, if you want to go to the gastronomic restaurant you dress up and have to go through a waiting list. But here, you can remain casual but try some refined cuisine. It is summed up as casual fine dining and is the combination of bistro-style eating and gastronomical fare.

You have started your career in luxury about ten years ago. Tell me about your work now?

I just came back from Baselworld which was taking place in Switzerland. Now I am working for a watch company called Menintime. It is a new Swiss brand offering exceptional watches created by the brands’ founder Vincent Rouillard many years ago. Last year he wanted to have feedback from people and posted the picture on social media. It had a huge success and now we are fully into the development of the brand. His grandfather was also practicing the watchmaking. Studying the market, I have noticed that most of the luxury watch brands keep a classical line and look alike. What we are doing is different. We are presenting a completely new approach to design. Because every day is special, our clients can enhance it by changing the bracelet. The design itself is unisex and can we wearied by men and women. At this moment we can also make a customized watch, today we offer approximately 600 options to customize it. The piece can me matte, shiny and satin. Every day you can change the bracelet and it will make your watch look absolutely different. We also do not compromise on the quality and it is fully Swiss-made. Those days it is very rare. There are only a few brands having every detail is made in Switzerland. We are one of them. The steel quality is also exceptional. The first scratches on the watch will appear probably in 20 years. Now we are developing our distribution network also in the Middle East. It is a great concept with exceptional quality that should be interesting for emerging markets.

If not to Switzerland, where do you travel else?

I love Rome and Venice. I have some sacral feelings about Venice. Do not go there in summer. Last year I went in March just after the Carnival. The city had an extremely romantic and somehow fatal aroma. Probably, our grandchildren would never see this city, so take a chance to travel there now. Venice is a place that will play with your feelings. If you come here alone and single, you will feel even more lonely. If you travel in couple, your feelings will be multiplied by ten. I really love Italy. It has a special place in my heart.

Adresse Book by Sasha

Sens Unique13 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris

Pierre Hermé MACARONS & CHOCOLATS 133 avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris

Aki Boulanger16 rue Sainte-Anne, 75001 Paris

Aux Merveilleux chez Fred, 94 rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris

La Grande Epicerie de Paris,38 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris

Odetta Vintage, 76 Rue des Tournelles, 75003 Paris

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