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Why You Should Detox Your “Milieu”

The word “milieu” from French means “circle”, in this context, circle of people we are surrounded with. So, why is this circle is so important in our lives?

People are similar to chameleons because all our life we keep accepting and adjusting ourselves to different points of view and opinions, values, habits and the way of living of the people we are communicating with. The quality of mental life of one’s brain depends on your financial status, things, location and incoming information. As all the ladies should have understood by now, milieu has the biggest impact on your success in whatever you do.

Milieu can be created by yourself, as it is only you who keeps inviting people in your life by one way or another. When a person decided to transform herself, her looks, her etiquette, the way of talking in order to pursue a better lifestyle, means the same person is on the edge of a decision making process. The massive part of it is the people one surrounds herself with.

Your own milieu are the people who you talking with, where you live, what you are eating, work, how often you do sports, what kind of hobbies you got, in short, what kind of information and people you let in your life. According to American psychologists, you as a personality is a psychological average of the 5 people you talk to the most. As surprising as it might sounds, your financial status is also an average from the same 5 people from your milieu.

As a lady, you always communicate with your surroundings, and only your level of competency decides to what kind of results this communication will lead to. There are different levels in a society and it is not a surprise for anyone. In order to move from a level to an upper one, first of all, you should surround yourself with successful personalities or people with the same goals and objectives.

To create a right milieu which will only lead you to success, the following should be asked:

What kind of people I’m spending my time with? What kind of people surrounds me?

How are they acting towards me? What are they doing for me?

Are they useful for my development and my personality? Do I like it?

After these questions, evaluate your time which you spend on talking to the people you call “friends”, is it a positive and constructive time or the other way around? If there are any difficulties, think about these questions as well:

What did these people recommend me to read or to listen to?

Where did they recommend me to go?

What they made me think about?

How they influenced your conversations, feelings etc.

However, the main question to yourself would be: “the friends I’m having at the moment, do they help me to move and grow in a direction I have chosen in order to reach my goals?”

One should always remember when letting in a person inside your life, that you are letting in the part of your fate. You should avoid talking to “toxic” people, who are having “deficit” thinking, but at the same time, the right way of treating such people should be implemented. That’s where the etiquette and your transformation process would be in handy.

To conclude, in order to transform yourself in pursuit of a better lifestyle or in order to meet a rich and successful man in your life, before anything, the pillars of this process should definitely be established. One of such pillars is your surroundings, your own milieu you can create for yourself.

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