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Nada Al Amri

Nada Al Ameri is a known owner, curator, visual artist and art therapist of Reflections Art Gallery established in Abu Dhabi since January 2017. Her artworks have been exhibited since 1992 till now throughout the UAE and internationally, she sold her artworks in auctions and been awarded prizes. She studied leadership and team skills at the Regional educational institute of Abu Dhabi, then the Art therapy MA at the University of Hertfordshire. In 2013 she got the Master degree in History of art and museums from Sorbonne University – Abu Dhabi.

She has lived in her passion for painting since her childhood and have her own talent and led her to establish her own gallery in Abu Dhabi. Nada is a wonderful example of an Emirati woman.

Mother of four children, chemist, a petroleum engineer with a master's degree in the history of art and museum from Sorbonne University and she has many other accomplishments. She carries out humanitarian initiatives by conducting various technical workshops for all groups, including people of determination. She continues her giving with the Autism Centers, the people of determination, with Association of the visually impaired and other centres inside and outside the country. She also has initiatives with the Health Authority in collaboration with the Kidney Patients Association. Nada spends time teaching art to children in hospitals which makes them feel better despite their health difficulty.

Nada translated everything that is going on in her life and through her art concept of colour transparency. A painting that speaks silently from the colours of nature with symbols invented for each blind in a colour of happiness and success to see the world through colours. She works with the blind by training and directing their talents not only by painting but with different talents. She invented a way to teach them how to feel the colours through touch.

What is the idea behind your art?

When you look at a painting hanged on a wall at a museum or a gallery in UAE and abroad, first, you will see the overall image but not the individual brushstrokes that created it. Behind my artworks, there is a chemistry of colours related to my life, where the brain and universe meet. It is always an experimental combination. My life has been taken many different paths, I am a mother, a chemist, a businesswoman, a reservoir engineer, an art therapist and a medical lab technologist; all these elements combined together - make up who I am today. Since my passion for art comes from childhood, I consider that part of my talent is an incredible gift from God supported by my parents. Chemistry played an important creative part of the art process, using different mediums, I try to merge different practices. Some of my artworks erupt from my imagination and some are the images embossed in my creative mind. My brush style varies with my moods; sometimes my brushes becomes violent splashes exploring colours in actions, creating vibrations by using negative area against colourful positive areas; sometimes it changes to calm and shining strong colours like orange and yellow. I capture and create the effect of light by painting in rainbow colours. Sometimes colours flow freely. I use colours made of natural ingredients like saffron, ground from the mountains, salt, coffee, plants, cinnamon. It needs a lot of precision of vision and clarity of thought as the first stroke has to be the final one. I love experimenting with my own colours.

Culture plays an important role in your creations. Tell us about your influences?

We have to build a connection between the art, the history and the culture with different countries. My experience is my stay in Paris for my internship during the studies of Master at Sorbonne university. I have completed my stay by learning more about cultural tolerance when it comes to different cultures and backgrounds. This experience gives me hope to inspire our society, to bring up the importance of art as we can see it in France. We cannot imagine the world without culture, the world will be an empty place. I would like to share my experience and how art is important. I always produce artwork every time I visit Paris and any country around the world. But Paris for me is my second home. Everything there is an art for me: people, streets, places, museums, buildings, lifestyle. I paint and I sign on it with my message at the back of the canvas, leave it before returning home to Abu Dhabi.

I am trying to build a strong connection between French and Emirati cultures by doing a project of life co-painting with a French artist Nirina Ralantoaritsimba. I really enjoy this performance, because one day, I believe my artworks would convey a message of unification between all countries and cultures. My aim is to guide all the teens, youths, adults from all around the UAE in the cultural sector, so they would connect with different cultures. The Emirati - French cultural program dedicated to the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, marked the success of the last ten years of cultural cooperation.

Tell us how did you start?

I am a self-taught artist supported by my parents, then by my husband and my kids. I started at school at the age of 12, when I have designed a poster that won the first award in Abu Dhabi. We have participated in many competitions in Bahrain, Kuwait and the KSA, abroad and in Europe. My father used to take me around the world visiting museums, galleries. I did my Masters in history of art and museums, then in art therapy. I used to go to the cultural foundation to study the basics in Art. And then I joined some residencies in Paris, Germany and Italy. My parents love art, they like to collect art from different countries, especially my mom she is a collector of artworks and objects. My first professional group exhibition was in 1992 at the cultural foundation in Abu Dhabi. That was the beginning of the journey.

I lived in Paris for 1year working at the Louvre Museum, studied at Ecole of Louvre and exhibiting my works at the residency. I am inspired by chemistry, music, universal knowledge and history of the UAE.

Why do you believe your activity is important?

My quote is: “art is a chemical reaction, brain your art and keep it special”. I believe art is everything in my life, with art you can express yourself, it helps you to understand beauty. Art is a therapy for anyone even if you don’t know how to draw, it is important to feel valued. Always feel happy when I share my artworks with others.

What are your future goals?

My vision is to support everyone who wants to become part of the art community in the UAE. I want to make my dream come true by making my art gallery as an art academy, then to build a museum, to develop an art therapy organization opened to collaboration with companies, to support all the disabilities (people of determination) by art therapy courses.

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